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“People don’t take trips, trips take people.”
- John Steinbeck

Follow other people’s adventures

Travel. Share. Explore. Travel. A time has finally come where you can upload more than one photo and not feel guilty for over uploading! Share the journey with your friends and family. Follow them as they travel – see the places they go and the sights they see, as they see it! Move with them, and we can all travel together.

What is OnRoute?


Share more than just a moment. OnRoute goes beyond a snapshot in time; it allows you to share the whole journey – the whole adventure. From beginning to end, your followers can view the whole story and with the feature of live logging you can go on the journey together.


Have you ever heard about someone else’s trip and wished you could plan the same journey? Ever wanted to backpack around Europe? Or take a road trip around America? Ever wanted to, but didn't know where to go, where to stop or where to stay? OnRoute’s explore let’s you see what journey’s other people have been on so you can plan your own trip. The “I want to do this journey” function takes a logged trip and puts the route in your GPS for you to follow.
Say goodbye to stressful route planning!

Amazing Features


Share stories and journeys with family and friends, take them with you not just for a snapshot of time, but through whole experiences. Encourages conversation and engagement between people as they share their journeys.


Users can follow a trip step-by-step: viewed as details, as a slideshow, or displayed as a map.


OnRoute helps planning – ever struggle to plan a trip of your own? See other users logged trips and details; like transportation (boat, bike, car) for each part of the trip, videos, pictures etc. Or, select the “I want to do this journey” feature and it will take the logged route you’re interested in, and put it in a GPS for you to immediately create your own memories on their logged route!


Follow other peoples’ trips step-by-step, live. Receive notifications when they post something new and never miss a moment! Travelling in a large group? Live stream also makes it possible to follow each other while you’re still on the move. User can make Live stream public or they can share  it only with family or a few friends.

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